Festivals Introduction

Attending one of our festivals is more like a Vacation then work! Sturdy White 10×10 popup tents are setup before you arrive and include one wall of white grid wall panels. Heavy duty Zipties are provided to secure your art and displays. Most tents are set up next to the beach wall that provides bench seating. We do not supply chairs. 2×4 extendable vendor tables are also available to rent for only $10 each. We ask that you bring your own table coverings. Our street shows are situated along a walking promenade with beautiful bay views with tranquil ocean breezes. Thousands of visitors come to Catalina each year to enjoy our world famous Art Festivals.

Upcoming Events




2023 Catalina Island Arts & Crafts Festival

Easter Weekend, April 7 – 9, 2023


64th Annual Catalina Festival of Arts

September 15th – 17th, 2023




About our Festivals

  • How long is each festival?

    All Festivals are 3 days. Outdoors, rain or shine. (it’s almost always sunny in Avalon)

  • Is there storage?

    Yes. We provide secure storage at night in a safe security tent located in the center of the show. Security guards watch over your art with care.

  • What is the pricing for a booth to display my art?

    Booths for the Spring Catalina Island Arts & Crafts Festival are $300, and booths for the Fall Catalina Festival of Arts are $360. Please email catalinaartassociation@gmail.com regarding booth applications. Payments will not be accepted without art association approval.

  • What do I get with my booth?

    We provide 1 10’x10′ popup tent and 4 5’x2′ gridwall panels and 2 Vendor Tables *(additions panels and tables are just $10 each for the entire weekend). We do not provide seating but most booths have bench seating. *(we recommend folding beach chairs).

  • Can I rent more grid wall panels and tables?

    Yes! Addition panels and 2×4 vendor tables are only $10 each.

  • How do I hang my art or displays?

    We provide zip ties for hanging art & displays. We do not allow metal clips. We have an endless supply of ties for you to use while in our show.

  • What about Tax?

    You are responsible for your own taxes. The current tax rate in Avalon is 10%. We do not require you to submit sales report but from time to time we might ask how your sales are doing.

  • Are there special hotel rates for exhibitors?

    Not always but we can help recommend friendly hotels who cater to visiting artists. Ask us before you book a room. We will be very happy to help!

  • Are there special events just for artists?

    Oh yes! For our September show, the Catalina Island Chamber of Commerce holds a social mixer and artist reception with the CAA. The mixer is on the Thursday evening before the show. We also have artist’s receptions scheduled over the weekend. All are catered and included local dignitaries, presentations and entertainment.

  • How do I get to Catalina Island

    There are ferry boats that bring you to the Island from Long Beach and Orange County. Visit CatalinaExpress.com for rates and times.

  • How do I get my art to the Island?

    It takes planning. Most of our exhibitors do what is called “Bundling”. Using large suit cases or hand carts, you can easily transport your items on the ferry boats. There are weight, height and length restrictions though. Make sure you ask before you book your trip.

  • Where do I park my car?

    There is ample parking at all boat terminals. Check with the boat service on parking rates.

  • Should I arrive a day early?

    Yes! If you arrive on the Thursday before the show, you can walk the show area, find your booth, talk with event coordinators and most of all, attend the Artist Reception that evening!

  • Where will my booth be?

    As you can see from our event map below, every one of our booths is in a prime location. Click the image to enlarge.

    view larger map here


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